• Christine Purcell - UX Designer
    A creative and user focused problem solver with over 12+ years experience as a creative ux design lead.
  • Renowned for creating imaginative interfaces that focus on the perfect intersection between form and function.
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  • When you need to Rethink your UX

UX Design, IA, Mobile applications and much more...

My skillset entails: Interactive design using the best practices, responsive web design, evaluating usability / site navigation, information architecture, personas, GUI’s, design of custom built websites, cms / e-commerce, wireframing, prototyping, animations, story boarding, e-zines, user testing.

Ux Design

Passion for SIMPLE elegant, engaging designs & user experiences.

UI Design

My aim is to create GUI's that are engaging for users.

Mobile Platforms

Creating fully responsive, engaging apps that are user friendly across multiple devices.

Branding Development

Want a new look and feel ? Advise on best practice brand awareness, creating guidelines for all to adhere to.

Creative UX Designer
I provide UX Design solutions

12+ years experience Available for Freelance, Contract, Full-Time.

I aim to create engaging designs with a strong focus on microinteraction and simplifying the user experience.

Please allow I’m under master agreements with a lot of my projects, so WIP drafts with holding text have been used within my portfolio, please contact me personally to discuss / view more detailed design work & rational / user-research / storyboarding.
Fully Responsive
Unique Creative design
Ajax Contact Form
Touch Slider Enabled
Parallax Sections
Browser Compatability

About Me

Appetite for continuous self-driven learning about web technologies and design trends, with a passion for simple, elegant, engaging designs & user experiences. Strong skills in learning and understanding complex business technologies.

My Skills

Creative UI


Mobile Apps


Continuous Self Learning

Experience working within a AGILE development team.

Blog Posts

What is creativity?

July 03, 2016/0 Comments

For me creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing something that becomes a reality. If you have an idea but don’t act on it, I would call this imagination not creativity. The act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality is what I call creativity!!!

My first online portfolio

December 16, 2013/0 Comments

My first online portfolio was created way back in the days when tables and flash was all the rage & when I could code all the html pages myself, no such thing as a front end dev, or a separate UX / UI person, no information architect , or a product owner, basically a web […]

User testing & Agile

December 13, 2013/0 Comments

Early testing Identify missed issues or awkward product flows, so when should we test? The simple answer is – early and often. Usability testing has never been easier, so embrace it and go start some user testing. I especially love www.usertesting.com an online usability testing site which is a fast and a great way to find […]

Quick prototyping – My favourites

December 13, 2013/0 Comments

Of late I have been researching and testing out various quick prototypes apps & here is my pick of the best so far: Flinto – this is super little website for mobile testing, loving it!!! I have already signed up as a paid user Solidifyapp – So far so good, I”m still on 30 day […]

What is UX aka User Experience

December 13, 2013/0 Comments

WIKI EXTRACT: User Experience is any aspect of a person’s interaction with a given IT system, including the interface, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction, and the manual.[1] In most cases, User Experience Design (UXD or UED) fully encompasses traditional Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service […]

3 Ways to Personalize the User Experience on Your Ecommerce Site

December 10, 2013/0 Comments

According to a recent survey, 74% of consumers get frustrated when the websites they visit feature content, offers, and ads that don’t match their interests. To be successful long-term, ecommerce marketers need to invest in creating experiences that customize themselves to consumers and grow in value over time. Asking consumers for information to make personalization possible […]

I have worked for lots of Companies

From huge multi-nationals to small SME's helping to create new product designs & new user experiences.

Ancestry - Interactive Services - Inspiration - Fusio - Xcomm - Arekibo - Direct Brand - Citi Bank - Irish Daily Mail - ERA Maptec - Dorling Kindersley (DK) to name but a few.....

Christine Purcell

Address: Lucan, Co. Dublin.

Email: info@christinepurcell.ie

Skype: eiregirl

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